Black Diamond Fire is an innovative ecommerce platform that has been specifically designed to empower and enable buyers to support their favorite RainFire Mission ministry partners who are actively engaged in sharing the gospel. Our platform not only serves as a marketplace for various products and services but also acts as a channel for individuals to contribute to the growth and impact of these gospel-centered ministries. We are committed to paying you 10% of gross sales from anyone that shops at or uses any of our sites. They are currently being constructed but soon your RainFire Mission Partner code will work on any of our sites. You will earn 10% of any and all gross sales. So spread the word of Jesus and spread your code to any of your following.

Our primary goal is to support the church community by providing a secondary form of tithing. We recognize that not everyone may be in a position to give financially to their local church at the level they desire, but through Black Diamond Fire, they can actively participate in furthering the Kingdom of God. By making purchases through our platform, buyers contribute to the financial support of individuals engaged in full-time ministry or provide additional passive income to individuals who may not be in full-time ministry but are spreading the gospel in their spheres of influence. Through this program, we offer an opportunity for individuals to give a 10% commission to their favorite leader or influencer in the collective community. In essence, for every purchase made by consumers, we contribute 10% of the gross sales towards the leader of their choice as a personal tithe. This program acts as a practical way for individuals to not only support gospel-centered ministries but also experience tangible financial blessings as a result of their efforts. So be a blessing to others as well as your community at large. We recommend supporting those that are dedicated to making a difference in the world and contributing to society at large and actively engaging in outreach. We trust in your discernment, to effectively support whom your heart feels drawn to.

Through Black Diamond Fire, we aim to create a virtuous cycle where buyers are not only able to obtain quality products and services but also feel encouraged and rewarded for their support in spreading the gospel. By incentivizing and tangibly appreciating these contributions, we inspire individuals to become active participants in fulfilling the Great Commission of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Our ultimate goal is to see the gospel reach every corner of the world. We are driven by the scriptural truth that once the gospel has been proclaimed throughout the world, the end of the dark ages will come. We believe that by providing a platform that supports and amplifies the efforts of influencers and ministry partners, we are making a significant impact in fulfilling this prophetic promise.

At Black Diamond Fire, we are passionate about harnessing the power of ecommerce to fuel the mission of spreading the gospel. We continuously strive to improve and enhance our platform, deepening the connections between buyers, influencers, and ministry partners. By doing so, we aim to create a thriving community that is united in its commitment to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to every nation, tribe, and tongue.

With Black Diamond Fire, supporting the church and spreading the gospel become intertwined, creating a unique opportunity for individuals to make a tangible difference and actively participate in fulfilling the purpose and mission of the Kingdom of God.

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