Welcome to Starfire Garden Living – a place where we not only provide shelter but also empower individuals with life-building skills and an uplifting community. Our mission is to make the world a better place by building as many shelters as needed, while also contributing to the overall community health through our mind, body, and spirit programs.

At Starfire Garden Living, residents have the opportunity to actively participate in our garden and food preparation activities. By working in our gardens, residents can learn and practice essential life skills, such as plant cultivation, organic gardening techniques, and sustainable food practices. This hands-on experience not only provides residents with a sense of accomplishment but also equips them with valuable skills that can be applied beyond the shelter environment.

In addition, residents can contribute to their shelter community by participating in food preparation. Whether it’s cooking meals for the community or helping in the kitchen, residents can gain culinary skills, foster a sense of togetherness, and contribute to the overall well-being of their fellow residents.

But our vision doesn’t stop at shelter and skill-building. We believe in the power of community and support a village mentality where everyone helps one another. Our vibrant and uplifting community allows residents to work by day, building shelters and improving the lives of others, and then relax in a warm and encouraging environment in the evening. We encourage a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and mutual support.

At Starfire Garden Living, we also prioritize holistic well-being and offer mind, body, and spirit programs to promote personal growth and empowerment through the enriching life giving word of God. These programs encompass mental health support, physical exercises, and spiritual nourishment, creating a comprehensive approach to individual and community health.

Our ultimate goal at Starfire Living is to not only provide a safe and secure place for individuals in need but also to empower them to regain their independence and positively contribute to their own journey towards stability and self-sufficiency. By offering opportunities to prepare meals, work in the shelter, and take on other responsibilities, we create an environment where individuals can thrive, cultivate valuable skills, and rebuild their lives.

Join us at Starfire Garden Living, where we are dedicated to making a difference, one shelter at a time. Together, we can build a better world by empowering individuals with life-building skills, fostering a vibrant and supportive community, and contributing to the overall health of our collective spirit. Let us embrace the village mentality and help each other thrive in an environment that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

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