Riptide Revival is a momentous global phenomenon centered on sharing the gospel of love and empowering individuals to deeply connect with the Holy Spirit. Our captivating symbol, an eternity sign merging fire and water, beautifully represents the profound baptism of fire and water that occurs when we wholeheartedly surrender to Jesus Christ. In these significant end days, God has promised to pour out His Spirit upon all mankind. With this divine promise as our guiding light, our ultimate mission is to inundate the airwaves and internet with the irresistible power and energizing love of God. Through Riptide Revival, we relentlessly strive to create an overwhelming flood of God’s love, touching lives, transforming hearts, and stirring a mighty spiritual awakening across the globe. This extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be accompanied by extraordinary signs, awe-inspiring wonders, and deep revelations of God’s presence. Together, let us unite our voices and efforts in this unparalleled movement, immersing the world in the matchless love of God and ushering in a time of hope, healing, and salvation for all who encounter it.

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